Hello! As some of you might know, we are Chrissy and Justin, two twenty-to-thirty somethings who live in New England. For those of you who didn’t know that, it probably means that you inadvertently stumbled across this blog (maybe while Googling something cool like “lab-hyena mix.” You should probably just shut it down now since we don’t have any insight into the mix, only on what kind of havoc it can wreak).

We met in college and got married in 2010

immediately acquired a hound named Brody

who kind of marches to the beat of his own drummer

and welcomed our first baby, Will, in October of 2013.

Baby Will 310








We have family and friends spread across the country and we thought that a blog would be a good way to share updates, pictures, stories and recipes rather than filling up inboxes (or forgetting to fill those inboxes!).

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you enjoy the blog!

Wedding picture courtesy of Catharine Morris Photography

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