Me? A Model?

Our dog Brody is nothing if not wily, but I kind of gave that away with the title of the blog.

What you might not know is that we’re pretty fond of our wily hound; we think he’s hilarious and we have a tendency to humanize him.

I hope that explains the weekly segment that I started called Me? A Model? which is a series of posts from Brody’s perspective. I know that it sounds…not very cool, but I’m banking on them shedding some light into the wilyness that is Brody the hound.


Click on the inks below to read more!

Where it all began
Part 1: Brody takes the reins
Part 2: Will and Kate who? Brody gets regal
Part 3: Brody gets debonair
Part 4: Way-back-Wednesday, puppy style
Part 5: Some time in the slammer
Part 6: Hilarity ensues
Part 7: Let’s get pensive
Part 8: Brody gets glam
Part 9: Workin’ on my fitness
Part 10: Putting the “ossum” in “possum”
Part 11: Lobsters: friends or foe?
Part 12: Home Alone 4: Revenge of the Abandoned
Part 13: How about you just throw the ball
Part 14: We must protect this house!
Part 15: I won’t forget you when I make it big
MaM, Olympic Edition
Part 16: I’m sorry, since when is eating crabs a crime?!
Part 17: Good thing I’m cute…
Part 18: Broccoli? Surely you jest.
MaM, holiday edition
Part 19: Slightly unhinged

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