Putting the “B” in Beach

Our long weekend last week continued into Tuesday and we decided to head down the Cape to enjoy the beautiful (albeit chilly) day.

It’s great going down the Cape on a weekday during the off-season; it’s a really quick ride and the days of sitting in traffic for a couple of hours before you even see the bridge are a distant memory. The beaches are pretty empty too, which is always nice if you want to go for a quick dip (spoiler alert: one of us did but I won’t give away who it was just yet).

We stopped at Roche Brothers and grabbed a quick lunch (they have a great prepared food section there!), spent some time creeping around admiring the large and probably reasonably priced homes on the water and then bopped over to the beach to run around and dig some holes (second spoiler alert: one of us did more digging than the other two). Most of the beaches in the area allow dogs during the off-season; I think they still encourage you to have your dog on a leash but we consulted the proper authorities (read: ourselves) and decided that since the beach was completely empty that Brody could run free for a while.

To our surprise (and maybe his own surprise too, he was pretty crazed with excitement and maybe not completely in control of his actions) he ran straight into the ocean and started swimming like a madman.

Then he would ride a wave back in

and dig a couple of holes.

This cycle continued for a while, with the occasional pause to let us know how much fun he was having

or to explore the dunes (the legal way, of course – on the bridge).

He had a really great time and slept for about 2 days straight after all of that action. We were sad to leave the beach (and even sadder that the long weekend was coming to an end) but we are pumped to go back soon!

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