The Evolution of Brody

Sometimes when Brody is really running amok, he seems like a lot more dog than he is; when he’s tearing around the house with a 5-foot branch that he chewed off of the Christmas tree like it’s a Milkbone, it seems like he’s bigger than the knee-height, 50-pound dog that we know and love.

Even though he’s not the biggest dog on the block, it’s hard to believe he was ever a tiny puppy that you could pick up with one hand. One of my favorite things to do since we got Brody has been to pick him up and carry him around while asking Justin to take a picture. B seems to enjoy our little ritual; Justin could probably do without it.

The upside is that the pictures are a good way to measure how our little hound has grown. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we, and take a look at the Evolution of Brody, starting in September of 2010…

…and ending in September of 2011. Admittedly, he’s a little harder to carry now, but that won’t stop us! It’s pretty obvious in all of these pictures that we’re both having a blast.

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