Half Marathon Training: Week 3

On the schedule: rest
What I did: rest
Same as last week, it was lovely.

On the schedule: 3 mile run
What I did: 3.5 mile run
I knew that I had a lot to get done after work, so I got up early to run today. If I didn’t have anything to do after work, I probably would have turned right around and gotten back into bed when Justin told me that it was raining out but somehow I found the strength to persevere (have I mentioned that I get a little dramatic when I have to wake up early?). It was a fine run; it took a little while to get my legs warmed up and I found that I was breathing faster than I usually do, but I don’t know why. I remember that happening the last time I ran in the morning, too. The rain wasn’t much of a bother, except for that it stopped the second I got home from walking B after my run. He wasn’t pleased that he had wet ears so early in the morning:

Oh the humanity!

I went rogue for the rest of the week, so bear with me.

On the schedule: 4 miles pace
What I did: 7.5 miles
Yup, you read that right: 7.5! I went out with 4 miles in mind. I ran for awhile and was feeling really good, plus I knew that the upcoming weekend was going to be busy and it has been staying light out so much later, so I couldn’t think of a reason not to just get my long run done earlier in the week. I was really pleased with this run; it was one of those days that makes me forget (well, maybe not “forget”…let’s go with “kind of stop dwelling on”) all of the bad runs and makes me remember why I even started doing this in the first place. I was happy with my pace and everything just felt comfortable – a far cry from my last long run, that’s for sure. I do have to remember to set more time aside for stretching after my long runs though, I definitely didn’t do that for long enough this time!

I didn’t run at all on Thursday or Friday. Woops.

On the schedule: Who even knows, I clearly didn’t follow a schedule this week
What I did: 4.5 miles
This run was bittersweet. Sweet because it was nice out and it felt good to run after 2 (rather indulgent, if we’re being honest) days off, but bitter because I was feeling the effects of the aforementioned indulgences. We were celebrating Justin’s birthday this weekend and we had gone out on Friday night for some delicious food and drinks. Sooo it was a little tough to get up and out on Saturday, but I was really glad that I did. The run itself was pretty good. I tried to work on my posture and technique a little; I concentrated on landing on the balls of my feet versus landing on my heels and rolling forward onto my toes – I read somewhere that landing with too much force on your heel can lead to injuries so I wanted to experiment a little with landing on a different part of my foot. It felt a little odd but it’s something that I will probably work on more going forward.

Birthday celebrations continued on into Sunday, so that’s it for this week! I would have liked to get in another run at some point, but that’s okay. I’ll get ’em next week!

One thought on “Half Marathon Training: Week 3

  1. Chrissy,
    Definitely the mid-foot/ball landing is preferred, but is slightly fatiguing and taxing until it becomes automatic. In my limited experience (2 marathons and very intermittent conditioning programs over the decades), I think one is least likely to get injured by running in the late afternoon or early evening before dinner. That is often not a good time for working people, however. For morning runs, I would recommend a good stretching session after you jog slowly for about a half mile. Then, do your training run. Also, a speedy finish, and some faster intervals sprinkled in, will up your strength and speed faster than a steady, same pace the whole time, run.
    And good shoes are so important! Great going!

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