Me? A Model? (the big 1-0)

Oh hello! Brody here.

I know, I know – it’s been awhile. I’ve been super busy the past few weeks digging a hole in the backyard and chasing a mouse that somehow made it past security. Seriously, this jerk mouse is just zooming around the house like it owns the place when everyone knows that I own the place. The nerve. I was just sitting on my cushion the other day, resting after a long day of being awesome, and I look over, see the mouse run by, and I was all…

The time: April 2012
The place: My cushion
I’m feeling: Shocked. Appalled. A little excited. Horrified. Predatory. Kind of scared.

Oh, and…


There’s no mouse! That was a joke! Like I would ever let a mouse in my house. Come on people, get real.

Oh, and if any mice are reading this, just don’t even try to come in here. I don’t want to have to kick tail and take names but I will. And it won’t be pretty.

No, that picture was taken the other day when I was hanging out, chewing on my favorite bone. Here I am from another angle:

And another.

Chrissy said that I look like a possum in this picture. I thought that was a little rude because I’ve seen possums before and they aren’t even very cute, but then she showed me a picture of one and I kind of have to agree that maybe in this one particular photo (not in real life obviously) I might kind of have a very slight resemblance to some possum that is probably way cuter than all of the other possums out there. But barely.

See? We barely even look alike.

I don’t want to leave you with that crazy-looking-but-still-handsome-because-he-looks-a-little-like-me creature, so here’s another one of yours truly to ease your mind. You’re welcome.

Yup, still adorable.

And if you were wondering, yes, that’s some tape on the couch. One time I…er, I mean a possum bit the couch during a fit of crazy and so it was taped to prevent future damage. I think it makes us look a little lowbrow but what can you do?

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2 thoughts on “Me? A Model? (the big 1-0)

  1. I honestly don’t think you are playing with a full deck Chrissy…BUT I will admit you have a great imagination…!!!

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