Making Amends

It occurred to me today that perhaps I’ve been been a little unfair to Brody.

I don’t always post the most flattering pictures of him and as a result, he doesn’t always come across as looking…great.

And I’m here to say: I’m sorry, B (even though that last one is kind of on you).

The truth of the matter is, B spends the majority of his time being completely adorable. Whether he’s destroying a roll of paper towels or napping away on his cushion, he does it in style, which is probably why he gets away with as much as he does.

I dare you to not be charmed by this little pup:


Please note that this doesn’t mean that I am going to stop posting ridiculous pictures of B, but maybe I’ll toss in a nice one every once in awhile. Maybe.

That is all.

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