You Can Pick Your Dog And You Can Pick Your Nose…

…but you can’t pick your dog’s nose.

Or can you?

Hello and happy Thursday!

I hope that everyone’s week (everyone’s weeks? Grammar experts, please step forward) is (are?) going well. Personally, I think that this might be one of the longest weeks in recent history but that’s probably because Justin and I have been staying up too late watching Sons of Anarchy. The verdict: it’s really entertaining, as long as you are okay with gratuitous violence and lawlessness. Personally, I can really relate to the characters because they are part of a biker gang and, you know, I rode a bike last week.

I had a really good time playing “Good News/Bad News” in last week’s post, so I thought I would give it a go again:

The good news is that I found our old digital camera! In case you were wondering – and I’m sure you were – it was in a small purse that was inside of a larger purse that was inside of an overnight bag. The bag hasn’t been used in months, and I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen the camera recently…this leads me to believe that someone is fooling with me. I suspect the hound. Regardless, it means that a bunch of our old pictures are no longer lost and gone forever! To celebrate, here is a recovered picture of Brody as a puppy, sounds asleep, while Justin pretends to pick his nose:

The bad news is that the kind folks at the computer repair shop have pretty much confirmed that they won’t be able recover any pictures from the computer that I recently murdered, which means that some of the pictures that I have taken since I got a new camera for Christmas will be lost. Bummer.

The good news is that they won’t all be lost because I don’t always delete them from the camera as I upload them onto a computer. Here we have a situation in which my procrastination does not come back to bite me in the rear. Hooray!

The bad news is that it was raining cats and dogs around these parts this week and even though we desperately needed the rain, it makes for a very unhappy B$:

The good news is that my brother acquired a boat over the winter and he put it in the water yesterday. It hasn’t hit the open seas yet but we’re all really looking forward to cruising around this summer, catchin’ fish and lookin’ like total BAs. Riley already has that part covered – here is a picture of her at Christmas showing us that you can be safe without sacrificing style:

The other good news is that this sweet vest has a handle on the back for convenient transport of your hound. Perfect!

3 thoughts on “You Can Pick Your Dog And You Can Pick Your Nose…

  1. I’ve decided that I might just keep buying new SD cards instead of deleting the pictures off the card and reusing them. I have lost pictures too and it’s just the worst!! I love your blogs!

  2. I was convinced that this post was about the time you had to actually pick B’s nose! You may want to dig that story out for publication….

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