Life Is Like a Box of…Citrus?

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Well, it’s actually Tuesday right now but I’ll wish you all a happy Wednesday since I’m going to post this tomorrow morning. So hello from the past!

It’s pretty rainy here and I’m taking a self-appointed mandatory rest day from running because I’m trying to stave off a lower left leg injury. Neither one of those things is even a little bit fun to talk about so I thought I would ignore all of that jazz and focus on some positives, also known as…

Stuff We’re Digging

Gifts from Faraway Lands
Justin’s mom Cathie sent us a present from her new home state of Florida:

Citrus, straight from the tree! These guys are delicious and we like to pretend that we’re sitting by her pool eating them (although if I were in Florida, I would probably be spending my time hunting ‘gators – more on that here). Bonus points for readers if you can spot the hound nose in the picture above.

No? Try this one:

Still no? Yowza, time to get those peepers checked. I’ll give you one more chance:

Did you know that dogs hate citrus? And that if you have something that you don’t want the dog to mess with, all you have to do is spray it with something that smells like citrus and they’ll leave it the heck alone? That’s okay, Brody never got that memo either. He LOVES citrus. Loves it. Because he’s cool like that.

Trips to Vermont
Many moons ago, I mentioned that Justin was going to be running a Tough Mudder event (more on that here) in Vermont in May. Well the time has come! Justin’s Tough Mudder training is wrapping up and I’m getting my cheering voice ready. We’re going to crush it. Well, I’m going to do most of my crushing on the sidelines while Justin crushes the course itself, but whatever – consider it crushed. We will be sure to post pictures and a recap afterwards.

The Dinner That We Made Tonight

Grilled cheddar cheese and apple sandwiches on cranberry-apple bread and Parmesan roasted Brussels sprouts. Do yourselves a favor and make this meal. It’s really good. I know, I know – Brussels sprouts are gross and no one even likes them. Not these ones. Just do it.

This Video

The Frozen Yogurt Spot Down The Street

The fruit is just for show.

This place is pretty great and dangerously close to our house, which makes for a deadly combination.

Seeing The Dog Who Lives Down The Street Who Looks Just Like Brody Except That She Is A Lady
I wish I knew what Brody was thinking when he saw this other dog yesterday. She is about the same height as him (although she is a little heavier than B$. Don’t tell her I said that) and she looks like she’s a black lab/something-or-other mix like he is. Does he realize that she looks just like him? Do they wonder if they’re related? Do the hounds think that it’s funny like I do?

The guy who was walking that Brody impersonator didn’t seem as interested in these questions as I was. And Lady Brody didn’t seem as interested in B’s acrobatics as he was. What I do know is that that duo will probably be walking the other way the next time they see us since I’m not positive that we made the best impression.

Whatever, we’re not out there to make friends, we’re out there to enjoy nature and carry sticks that are too big for us and then overreact and stare accusingly at one another when the stick hits a tree or a fence, as if the other one was responsible for it happening.

Sounds about right.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

One thought on “Life Is Like a Box of…Citrus?

  1. So much is happening! B’s neighborhood love, citrus finds, Justin’s muddy race, and your wonderful photos and yummy things to eat. Good luck Justin. Love ya guys. c

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