Half Marathon Training: Weeks 10 and 11

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and a lovely Mothers Day!

With all of the Tough Mudder excitement last week I just plum forgot to post a half marathon training recap, so this one will be covering 2 weeks. Luckily I haven’t done too much so it’s probably going to be a short one.

In the last training recap post, I mentioned that I had been having some shin pain during and after my runs. Well, that pain has since migrated to my knee and has been pretty consistent. I have been cutting back on my runs and spending more time stretching and icing my knee and shins to try to avoid a serious injury; with only a few weeks until the half, this is really frustrating and worrisome. I’m nervous about running because I don’t want to really injure myself and then I’m nervous about not running because I keep thinking that I’ll lose the endurance that I’ve built over the past few months. Eep.

With that said, I’ve gone for a handful of shorter runs over the past 2 weeks (and “handful” might be a generous estimate) and have gone out for 2 longer runs on the weekends. The shorter runs have been fine, my knee and shin only seem to hurt when I’m just starting to run and then when I stop – when I’m actually running it isn’t as bad.

My long run during week 10 was great. I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that covered my watch so I wasn’t paying attention to my pace or time. I had done the same thing during the past few shorter runs and I found that the less attention that I paid to those 2 factors, the better I felt and the faster I ran. I ended up covering 10 miles and then spent a good chunk of time icing my legs afterwards.

The long run this past Saturday was a different story. I was nervous about my knee and started off by stopping every mile and a half or so to stretch. After stopping a few times I found it really difficult to get back into the swing of things and find a comfortable groove. I covered about 10.5 miles but it didn’t always feel great and it seemed to take forever. I was feeling a little discouraged before I remembered that my past 2 long runs have been good and I was kind of due for a bad one. Plus, it was surprisingly hot out and I didn’t bring any water with me, so that couldn’t have helped.

So moral of the story: I’m kind of nervous about the next couple of weeks. All I can do is ice and rest my knee and shin as much as possible, take it easy on runs, and cross-train on the days when I don’t feel like running is such a good idea. My brother was kind enough to let me use his bike again so you can expect to see me toolin’ around town like an animal.

Luckily I look awesome in a helmet. I know it’s true because Brody told me so and he wouldn’t lie.

3 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Weeks 10 and 11

    • Oh my, do you think? I mean, he’s usually really honest and I do look really awesome in that helmet, so I think I’m going to have to politely disagree with you on this one. Sorry Paula…

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