You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory

…but you can put them around an awesome photo album full of memories.

A photo album! Don’t my mitts look hairy in this picture?

In case you were wondering, the title for this post came to be as a result of a lack of creativity and a quick “memory song lyrics” Google search. Thank you for the use of your song title, Johnny Thunders, wherever you are.

After the great photo purge of 2012, I decided that it was probably a good move to actually do something with some of my favorite pictures in case I try to sabotage myself again and lose them all forever.


Let me begin by clarifying that although this may sound like a paid advertisement for MyPublisher, it certainly is not. I like hearing about firsthand experiences with companies and websites, so I thought I would throw it out there for anyone who is in the market for this type of thing.

MyPublisher is a website that offers a software download that allows you to publish your own photo books, stationary or canvas prints. You can choose from a number of different book styles, sizes, colors and layouts and use the software to design the pages of your album and, if you’re feelin’ particularly wild that day, add stuff like text.

The album that I created came in the mail the other day, so I thought I would share it with you kind folks.

Front cover

Back cover

I have grand plans to put together an album every year. We’ll see how that goes.


You have the option of putting a title and description on the spine; wouldn’t a whole series of them lined up on a shelf look great?! Grand plans…

For the time being, I have put together an album of our honeymoon pictures. I wanted to get a feel for the quality of the books to see if this would be a good resource for a wedding album.

What’s that? Yes, we did get married in 2010 and I’m just now getting around to thinking about a wedding album. Don’t rush me. And lose that sassy attitude.

I’m really happy with how the book came out. The quality of the book and the clarity of the pictures is great. The software was really easy to use and best of all, once you create an account, you get emails pretty frequently about specials that they’re running.

Ugh we’re so cool.

I created a book during their Father’s Day Sale and got 40% off of my order. Photo books run from about $30 for basic styles to $60 for the super fancy ones (plus add-ons like extra pages, fancier covers, etc), so you can always create a book and then leave it on your “bookshelf” and wait until a promotion to order it.

Now that I know that I like the albums, hopefully I will finally get my rear in gear enough to make some others. Fingers crossed!

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