An Especially Wily Birthday

Heyoo! Happy Tuesday to all.

Well, happy Tuesday to some. The rest of us are kind of dragging.

We had a jam-packed weekend around here. It sure was fun but it made for a tough and slow-moving Monday.

We knew that it was going to be hot as heck on Saturday, so Justin and I decided that we would make it a beach day. Justin put us on a strict timeline that had us out the door by 8am. After a brief stop for some amazing Twix iced coffee (yeah, you heard me), we were on the road to Ogunquit Maine. Good thing Justin threw down the gauntlet about our timeline because it got pretty packed right after we got there. It was still hot but the water in Maine is so flippin’ cold that all you had to do was put your feet in the ocean and you were cool as a cucumber. Once we had enough sun we grabbed some ice cream and walked around Perkins Cove – I’ve talked a little bit about the area before (here). It’s a great area and if you haven’t been, you should give it a shot.

Ogunquit? Yes. Ogunquit this weekend? No.

I brought my camera with me and snapped some great shots and normally I would share them here, but there was just the one small issue of the memory card being in the computer at home rather than the camera in my hand. That didn’t stop me from taking pictures, though! Mostly because I didn’t notice until I got home. I know, I know, I am smart. So instead of posting the actual pictures, I’ll just describe them. Because the only thing better than someone making you look at their vacation pictures is someone describing their vacation pictures. At least you don’t have to look interested to protect my feelings. Here we go!

-More boats!
-Justin holding 2 ice creams like a piggly wiggly so that I can take his picture
-Justin chasing his napkin down the street so that he wouldn’t mar the beauty of the town
-A house on the water that I would like someone to gift to me

You’re welcome.

Perkins Cove? Indeed! This past weekend? Alas, I’m afraid not.

All in all, a good day. One of us was irresponsible with her their sunblock though, and she they sure as heck are feeling the consequences.

We woke up bright and early on Sunday to get some things done around the house and let B run around like an animal for awhile before one of us went to a baby shower and the other one went to a meat market. I’ll let you figure out which one of went where and whether or not “meat market” means an actual meat market.

Fine, I’ll just tell you: I went to a baby shower for my cousin and Justin went to an actual meat market (with which he is obsessed) to pick up some ingredients for a Sunday night cookout.

The baby shower was lovely and I was able to spend some more quality time with my aunts and cousins, including the now-famous Paula (and just between us, the fame has really gotten to her head…she kept signing autographs any time anyone would put a napkin down near her).

Justin would want me to tell you that the meat market was also lovely. While I was flitting around showering my cousin with babies, Justin was slaving away over a hot stove at home to get everything ready for our end-of-the-week BBQ. We had a very special event to celebrate:

Yup, B is another year older and another year…more wily.

We kept his birthday tradition alive by having a cookout where everyone secretly feeds him steak to make him feel special. Although we did feed B steak again this year, we kind of dropped the ball on the birthday cake portion of the evening. Here is B on his birthday last year:

I made Brody a “pupcake” last year and although it wasn’t necessarily fit for human consumption, B loved it. I couldn’t get my act together enough to make them again this year so he didn’t get any dessert on his birthday but then I felt guilty about it yesterday so I stopped at the store to get him a different treat. Truth be told, I also kind of wanted to recreate the picture from last year so we could see how he has grown. So that’s what I tried to do last night.

I probably would have been better off swallowing my guilt, because compared to last year’s snapshot, this year’s birthday picture looks downright dismal.


Full disclosure: that wasn’t even the bad picture. The original picture was so depressing that I had to go get the empty cup and make B pose again. This was the first attempt:

Brody. Come on.

I know I didn’t give you your treat at the cookout and have everyone sing Happy Birthday and all that but jeeez. Chin up, buddy.

Anyways, the cookout itself was great. Justin grilled up some delicious steak and turkey tips and made pasta salad that knocked our socks off (well, knocked our flip flops off – it was about 97 degrees on Sunday evening so we were dressed appropriately). I continued my weekend streak of being awesome at taking pictures by only snapping 2 shots the whole evening:

It would have been nice to get a picture of, say, a person or something, but I do love me some caprese salad and sunflowers.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and that you were more responsible with your sunscreen than  I someone here was. Off to find some aloe…

2 thoughts on “An Especially Wily Birthday

  1. The best part of this blog was the sentence or two about me…I love when you mention the family…at least you did not share the story told that day that made you laugh so hard you cried…for that I am grateful!! Happy Birthday to Brody!!!!!

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