Some People Are Just Lucky

Big news, guys. BIG news.

I came home yesterday to a pretty exciting piece of mail:

Seems legit.

We’re cutting it pretty close here; I have to reply by today and I just got it in the mail yesterday – I guess it’s my own fault for being so hard to track down. This is their last attempt to contact me so I had better get on the ball. I was surprised to see that the letter was delivered in a handwritten envelope with no return address. I think it’s really nice that a big company like US Airlines would take the time to hand write my information. Really personal, you know? It’s going to be tough to send them a thank you letter without a return address to reference, but I’ll figure it out.

Now I don’t want to dwell on the negative since US Airlines is being so generous with their tickets, but Margaret could stand to amp up the excitement a little bit – she’s delivering some pretty big news and “Congratulations.” just isn’t going to cut it. I mean, come on, Marge. Toss an exclamation point in there or something. Show a little enthusiasm.

But there’s no time to dwell on that. I have some serious packing to do!

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