Get Your Quick Fix Here

Happy Friday!

Brody has been hollering about not getting enough screen time around here lately, so in case his fans were feeling the same way, here’s a fix for you:

That’s the face that he makes when you catch him with your wallet in his mouth and chewed-up bills strewn around him, which is why he isn’t living out on the streets like a wild animal. Instead, he just lives in our house like a wild animal.

And a quick Brody story:

When we adopted Brody, we were living on the 6th floor of an apartment building. We lived there for a year and never really got the hang of the buzzer system.  The system worked through a regular phone instead of a button on the wall and since we didn’t have a land line, it was set up to work through Justin’s cell phone. That also meant that if Justin wasn’t home, the buzzer didn’t work. I think that in the 12 months that we lived there, we were able to successfully use the buzzer 7 times. If we got food delivered, we usually just went downstairs to meet the delivery person to avoid the inevitable awkwardness of trying to buzz them in.

We ordered pizza one night and it arrived before Justin got home, so I left Brody the puppy in the apartment while I went down to grab our grub. I had assumed that I would be able to add the tip on the credit card receipt, so I didn’t being cash. When the delivery guy let me know that it wasn’t an option, I told him I would run up and get some money. He was nice enough to offer to come up to our floor and save me a trip back down, so we hopped on the elevator and headed up to the 6th floor.

Keeping in mind that not everyone loves needle-toothed puppies, I (jokingly) warned him on the way up that we had a ferocious beast and that I would just run in and grab the cash. He assured me that his sister has a few dogs, he loves them, no problem.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, Brody had evidently been tearing around in circles, building momentum, because he was already in a full sprint down the hallway when I opened the door. I turned to warn the delivery guy and saw the wide-eyed look of shock-and sure, maybe a little bit of fear-on his face.

In a move that seemed too calculated to be spur of the moment, Brody left the ground a few feet away from the doorway, soared through the air, and snatched the receipt out of the guys hand. Without missing a beat, Brody turned around and tore back into the apartment and ran around the corner, out of sight. The door was just swinging shut, but not before we caught a glimpse of pieces of receipt flying from the kitchen.

The guy and I looked at each other for a beat before I said “I’ll just go grab…” at the same time that he said “So I’ll just stay here…”

Brody the Hound, makin’ friends since 2010.

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