Lucky Ducks

Well, we made it through Hurricane Sandy safe and sound. We had about 24 hours of very heavy rains and very strong wind, but we never lost electricity and there weren’t any big trees down in our area. Unfortunately, Sandy was not so kind to other areas along the East Coast and there are a lot of people who are just now starting to recover from the storm. We are well aware of how fortunate we are that we made it out unscathed and our thoughts are with those who weren’t as lucky.

We had stocked up on non-perishable food on Sunday, so we hunkered down and crossed our fingers that the storm wouldn’t be as bad as predicted. I was able to work from home on Monday and Tuesday and Justin had those days off anyways, so we didn’t have to worry about going anywhere. It seemed like everyone was taking cues from last year and the power outages from Hurricane Irene because there was an NSTAR truck parked on our street for a while on Monday and even though our area didn’t need them, I’ve heard positive stories about response times from the electric companies. The rain continued through Tuesday night (and was accompanied by some pretty intense thunder and lightening) but it seems to have calmed down since then. All in all, we are lucky ducks.

That being said, I was a little disappointed with Brody’s behavior leading up to and during the storm. I read somewhere that animals can sense when a storm is coming and that it is not uncommon for them to freak out a little bit. I kept an eye on Brody all day on Sunday, waiting for those instincts to kick in and for him to realize that something was amiss, but I got nothin’.

Well, he was a little clingier than usual, which I guess is saying something because not only does he follow us from room to room, but he is also known to sit next to us on the couch and press his cheek against ours. So he kicked up the neediness a little bit, but that’s hardly newsworthy.

That’s just him trying to perch on Justin’s shoulder. You know, like dogs are supposed to do.

And plus, he hates going out when its raining (even though he loves going swimming…riddle me that) so he pretty much refused to go outside – even when the laws of nature indicated that it was time – and he also refused to wear my raincoat. I mean, make up your mind. And then when I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies to keep us energized in case the power went out, he ate 6 of them off of the counter and he wasn’t even sorry. Just sat there, licking his chops like a jerk. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe he really was affected by the storm and he was just stress eating those cookies. Well either way, not cool.

I hope everyone else made it through the storm without any trouble (and that your animals were of more help than ours)!

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