More Chalkboard Paint? Don’t Mind If I Do

Ever since I finished the framed chalkboard project a few weeks ago, the little bucket of leftover chalkboard paint has been calling to me from the craft basket. There wasn’t enough left to take on a big project, but there was enough in there that it felt wasteful to kick it to the curb.

So, as one does when one finds oneself faced with a craft conundrum, I turned to Pinterest. A quick ‘chalkboard paint’ search yielded a bunch of great ideas and I found myself drawn to the storage containers. I had some jars lying around and I liked the idea of being able to switch up the label when necessary without having to permanently scar a container with a marker or deal with scraping off tape residue.

Plus, they just look so darn cute.

I had picked up a few glass containers from IKEA awhile back and have been using them to store sugar and flour on the counter. They have been mostly decorative, though, because the opening isn’t really big enough for a measuring cup, so I rarely actually used them while baking. I dumped the contents into the larger flour and sugar containers that are kept under the counter, washed them, and got to work.

I started off by using some heavy-duty duct tape to section off a rectangle for painting

and then used a small sponge brush to apply the chalkboard paint. I gave them an hour to dry as instructed on the paint label, but it turned out that they needed more like 2 or 3 before they were completely dry and ready for another coat.


In the end, it took about 4 coats to cover completely. Peeling the tape off proved to be a little bit tricky as the paint seemed to want to come off too, so I held a credit card along the painted edge to prevent the chalkboard from lifting off of the glass with the tape. I cleaned up any uneven edges using the credit card and then smoothed everything down.

Once the paint had cured for about 24 hours, I rubbed the side of a piece of chalk over the surface and then erased it all  to condition the chalkboard.

Done and done!

If I fall out of love with the little labels, I can just peel the paint off, but in the meantime I just plan on being pretty careful when washing the containers.

Easy as pie!

9 thoughts on “More Chalkboard Paint? Don’t Mind If I Do

  1. Chrissy….wasn’t the real reason for the labels to keep Justin from constantly eating a bowl full of ground coffee for breakfast in the morning?

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