Good Things Come In Threes

If you’ve been hanging around The Wily Hound for a while, you might be familiar with the system that I have in place to judge the quality of the meals and treats that I make. Justin is my in-house judge and I decide whether I’ll post a recipe here based off of his answers to 3 questions:

1) Do you like it?

2) Should I make it again?

3) Should I share the recipe with others?

If the answer to those 3 questions is “yes!” then I’ll toss the recipe up on here, and it is officially deemed worthy of…


Occasionally (and that’s putting it mildly), a dish doesn’t really come together as well as I would hope, and one of those answers gets a less enthusiastic “ummm…well, it’s good!” and I know that I need to keep plugging away until I get it right. In honor of those recipes, this guy was created:


I should preface what I’m about to say with this: normally, Justin is incredibly supportive in pretty much everything I do. He puts up with a lot of botched dishes with a smile on his face, albeit a forced one.

That being said, I was surprised when I made a dessert recently and I hadn’t even gotten my first question out when he said, “No. Nope, not this. No.”

To be fair to him, the dish was a chickpea-based “cookie dough” dip that just wasn’t happening. I tried to save face by suggesting that perhaps I had put too much nutmeg in there, or that I should try again with some almond butter instead of peanut butter, and he responded with, “No, you should just…not make it again.”

Message received.

So in honor of the chickpea dessert that wasn’t (and thanks to a spot-on text from my brother, who came across the picture yesterday), I present to you…

seal of disapproval-001

The trifecta is now complete.

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