Finding Nemo 2: Just Keep Shoveling

Nemo 121

Nemo came and went, and he was NOT  messing around.

We escaped relatively unscathed, meaning we didn’t lose power or have any trees down, and for that we are grateful. Luckily, we didn’t have anywhere that we had to be because the storm pretty much shut down the state for the weekend. Justin and I were both able to work from home on Friday, which is great because there was already a State of Emergency declared in Boston, along with a parking and driving ban effective Friday afternoon. Justin braved the mob scenes at the supermarket on Thursday to pick up supplies and put together a survival backpack (as he is wont to do – see this post for more on that) and we hunkered down, ate some grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato bisque, drank some Manhattans, and waited for Nemo to show up.

And show up he did.

Nemo 122-001

We probably had around 4 inches of snow as of Friday night, so I shoveled the walkway and sidewalk thinking that it would make it easier on us the next day. As it turns out, shoveling those 4 inches couldn’t have made less of a difference.

By the time we woke up on Saturday, we had about 2.5 feet (though it looked like a lot more with the snow drifts). We opened up the front door to survey the scene and Brody (uncharacteristically) made a dash for it. Since we’re mean dog owners and we wanted to see what would happen, we let him go and he shot off of the porch, soared majestically through the air, and sunk straight down into the snow, which was taller than him by a few inches. He floundered around for a little bit and finally trudged his way back into the house, completely bewildered.

Nemo 006

Once the shock wore off, he remembered how much he loves snow and followed Justin out to bound around with great abandon.

Nemo 017

Nemo 045

Justin was a champ and manned our 1 shovel to dig us out of the house and to dig the cars out of the driveway before coming in for some pancakes, only to toss all of his wet clothes back on when a car got stuck in the snow outside of our house. Brody and I watched from the window like creepers.

Nemo 119

There is no doubt that the plows in the area did a great job; they were out all night and really tried to stay on top of everything. There’s only so much that can be done with what I estimate to be trillions of tons of snow, though, so the area is still in pretty rough shape. But given the near-tropical winter that we had last year, we kind of had it coming.

Nemo 123

You win this round, Nemo. Well played.

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