Truro – Cape Cod, MA

Truro 2013 131Justin, Brody and I spent a few days this past week down in Truro, MA, which is waaay down towards the end of Cape Cod. Unfamiliar with Cape geography? Here’s a map for reference:

truro mapMy family has rented the same house for the past few years (read about last year’s trip here) and the whole crew went down there again this year for some swimming, sunning, relaxing, and strolling the beach for sea glass.

Truro 2013 021

Truro 2013 036It’s so beautiful down there – everywhere you look is either dunes or ocean and the water is even swimmable (you know, compared to places like Maine where you risk losing your toes if you go in for too long. Or maybe I’m just a wimp, it’s hard to say).

Truro 2013 020

Truro 2013 032True to form, Brody swam for hours every day. Honestly, there would have been a real chance of losing him if a rogue pack of sea otters had cruised by. He can’t get enough of the ocean.

Truro 2013 108He knew how to get down to the beach, so every time we took him for a walk he would drag us down the beach path hoping he would be able to go for another dip. Once we explained that he had already been swimming for 9 hours that day and that we would go again the next day, he would dig in his heels and we would have to drag him back up the road.

Truro 2013 095Tough life.

At one point, my dad was on his way down to the beach and Brody casually followed him down there. Justin and my dad had to chase him around the beach and eventually into the water (fully clothed), where Justin had to scoop him out and carry him back to the house so that he wouldn’t try to make another run for it. I have never seen a dog look more dejected than Brody was, soaking wet and being carried over the dunes.

Truro 2013 129

Truro 2013 062We spent a day in Provincetown (and ate the most delicious ice cream in the continental U.S. – sea salt, caramel and chocolate covered pretzel. We got it last year and we’ve been thinking about it every since. If you’re in Provincetown, head to Scoop. You’re welcome in advance) and went to happy hour one day in Wellfleet, but for the most part we stuck around Truro and put in some serious time at the beach.

If I had to compare last year’s trip to this year’s trip, I would probably sum it up by saying that there were less Dark n’ Stormies this time around…

Dark n' Stormy in a mason jar, like a lady.

August 2012

…but 6+ months of pregnancy will do that to a person.

Truro 2013 053

August 2013

But don’t worry, we still managed to get a sweet, frame-worth family photo, just like last year:

TWH Crew, 2012

TWH Crew, 2012

TWH Crew, 2013

TWH Crew, 2013

Truro 2013 171

Truro 2013 023Now we’re back to the grind, wearing real clothes and going to work like suckers. We think that Brody is trying to figure out how to turn on the faucet in the tub so that he can relive his glory days spent paddling around the wide open seas, so we’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Truro 2013 163

Happy Friday!

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