Pregnancy Recap: Month 7

I’m sorry, what? Recapping month 7 already?


I think I’ll go wash some baby clothes.

Pregnancy recap: month 7
weeks 26, 27, 28, and 29

week 26-001week 28-001week 29-001

-The Bean has seriously been moving and grooving lately. Nothing big enough to wake me out of a deep sleep, but definitely enough that you can see him bopping around from the outside, which is amazing and so fun to experience. Sometimes I do wonder if other people notice it too, like when I’m in a meeting or on the train. If they do notice, I bet they’re really creeped out. I don’t blame them, though – I was a little creeped out at first, too.
-I mentioned this in the last recap, but we got to spend some time down the Cape during the end of month 6/beginning of month 7 and it was so nice to relax, lounge around on the beach, and enjoy some awesome weather by the water. jbbeach

It was especially nice to spend our time down there relaxing because the next few weeks were full of packing and finalizing the purchase of our new house. Stressful stuff!
-I had my glucose tolerance test, which is when you have to huff down this crazy sweet drink and then get your blood taken to make sure that your body is processing sugar correctly. I was relieved to hear that I passed, especially since I wasn’t itching to drink any more of that orange-flavored witch’s brew.


-Leg cramps. This only happened once, but it stuck with me because it was so shocking. I had read that leg cramps were common during pregnancy but I had kind of written them off since I hadn’t had any. But then they hit me like a ton of bricks one night and holy moly! It was like no other leg cramp I’ve ever experienced. You really just have to ride it out and stand there with your leg in the air until it passes. I was kind of scared to go to sleep the next night for fear that it would happen again, but so far so good.
-Looks like the breathlessness is here to stay. I mentioned to Justin one day that it felt like the Bean was sitting on my diaphragm, and he told me that that’s impossible because my diaphragm is above the baby, and I kicked him in the shins beacuse that wasn’t the point.
-Moodswings (as evidenced by the bullet point above). I’ll admit that my emotions aren’t always completely level, and I am grateful for the patience that Justin has exhibited so far. And somehow it hasn’t gotten old when, after I lose my temper, Justin looks knowingly at Brody and says, “I know Brody, these pregnancy hormones are out of control.” (Does anyone else out there use their pet as a passive-aggressive means of communication with their spouse? “I know Brody, I think Justin should empty the dishwasher, too.” No? Just us?)

-Watermelons by the dozen. A girl at work (who just had a baby – is watermelon a universal pregnancy craving?) told me that she just cuts her watermelon in half and digs in with a spoon. I like her style.
-Tootsie Pops, especially the red ones. I can’t explain that one.
-Still loving cottage cheese and crackers
-Ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt – I’m not picky.

-No change from last month – still not loving garlic or cooked vegetables. Oh, and my mortal enemy: the red onion.

Missing anything from your former, non-pregnant life?
-Hot dogs and deli meat. I’ve been staying away from processed meats (because of the threat of listeriosis and because a lot of them are chock-full of delicious nitrates), but the summer lifestyle is starting to wear on me. Between cookouts and trips to the beach with packed lunches, I find myself dangerously close to hot dogs and cold cuts more often than I would like. I never really craved deli meats before, but every time Justin makes a ham sandwich, I find myself really wanting to eat it while he’s not looking and then maybe blame it on B. He mentioned that there is a really good sub shop near the hospital where I’ll be delivering, so I decided that my first meal post-baby will be an Italian sub since that’s really the best way to get the most bang for your buck, deli meat-wise.
-Whiskey. Not beer or a Dark n’ Stormy or a gin and tonic, but straight-up whiskey. Or maybe a Manhatten. I can’t really explain this one either, since I was never a huge whiskey drinker, but the heart wants what it wants. It’s probably a bold move to go straight for whiskey after 10 months of sobriety though…

7th month takeaways
No surprise here, but I’m shocked at how quickly time is passing; the fact that we’re already through month 7 kind of blows my mind. The weeks are flying by and I know that the Bean will be here before we know it. It was a whirlwind month with all of the house and moving-related business, but it just made me so much more grateful that I’ve had an easy, comfortable pregnancy – packing up a house in the middle of the summer, 7 months pregnant, could have been really terrible, but it wasn’t. Now it’s time to get serious about prepping the new place for the Bean’s arrival!

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