A Very Wily Birthday

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday! We were out and about celebrating a few birthdays (fun fact: my dad and I share the same birthday. And some years it even falls on Mother’s day. Those years we usually celebrate until June).

It finally stopped raining after about 2 weeks straight, so Justin and I headed into Boston to enjoy what ended upĀ  bring a pretty nice day. We stopped at a few spots on the waterfront and met up with my dad for a drink to cheers to another great year. We hit up a seafood restaurant that has an awesome roof deck and then got a delicious dinner that I will probably be thinking about for weeks.

I’m fighting to stay out of a cake-and-delicious-seafood-induced coma, so I’ll just share a few snapshots before I hit the hay.

Moscow Mules made a comeback. They were as glorious as ever.

First attempt. I kindly told him that he looked like a nerd…

…so he did this.

Who’s a nerd now?! Also, it’s hard being so tan.