There’s Good News and There’s Bad News…

The good news: we identified the culprit that has been knocking the cover off of Brody’s treat bucket, sending it crashing to the ground and scaring the boots off of us

The bad news: said culprit is a mouse

Now, I’m no stranger to mice. As I’ve mentioned before, my roommates and I lived with some mice for a time back in the day. But since that incident ended in a kitchen fire (click here to read more), we are open to suggestions for the best way to deal with our uninvited guest.

A few important items to keep in mind:

-Neither of us really wants the mouse to end up dead
-Justin is concerned that the mouse will be too cold if we put it outside, but he is willing to get past that if no one is willing to foot the bill for a plane ticket to get the mouse somewhere warm or if no one is willing to knit a tiny hat and scarf

I thank you in advance for your suggestions and I hope you have a happy and mouse-free Tuesday.