Me? A Model?

Ever since we adopted Brody in September of 2010, one of the things that has struck us most about him is how photogenic he is (as demonstrated by the snapshot on our about page). Most pictures of BMoney fall into one of two categories:

1) The No-Eyed Hound

Brody figured out early on that if a camera is pointed at him, it’s probably going to flash and the only way to save himself from a lifetime of blindness (have we mentioned that he’s dramatic?) is to shut those peepers while still facing the camera. Eyes saved! Crisis averted! Everybody wins (except us).

Nice. We recently made a purchase that we hope will help with this problem.*

2) The Glow-Eyed Hound

This issues is more common. More often than not the flash causes Brody’s eyes to glow. It’s usually yellow or green, sometimes blue…

but if we’re really lucky and he’s feelin’ fancy, we get…

two different colors?? He’s such a show off. Also, sweet pose B.

Some might argue that the issue here lies more with our photography skills rather than with Brody’s eyeballs, but I stick to my theory that B has the power to make his eyes glow and uses that power to sabotage our pictures (because he’s cool like that). Let’s take a look back at our Christmas picture, which would have been perfectly lovely and charming were it not for Brody’s eyes:


Don’t get me wrong, these aren’t the only roadblocks to a good picture that Brody throws at us, just the most common. We have a boatload of awesome pictures of him that we think should be shared with the world, so we thought that we would start a weekly segment called “Me? A model?” in which we will share some of Brody’s handsomest moments. We will be kicking it off tomorrow, so stay tuned!

*Just kidding, we didn’t get him Doggles. They were sold out.

7 thoughts on “Me? A Model?

    • I agree! So does Perkins, but I’m not sure they make goggles for cats (and to be honest, I just don’t think that a product called “coggles” just doesn’t have the same selling power…)

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