Me? A Model? (part 1)

Hey folks, Brody here. I figured I would take over this segment since, much like the hokey pokey, I’m what it’s all about.

More importantly, I thought it would be for the best if I had creative control over these posts so that I don’t come out lookin’ like a fool (pssh as if that’s possible). Please note that none of the pictures that you will see in these segments have been doctored in any way. There’s just no need; no such thing as a bad picture of yours truly, so why mess with perfection? It certainly can’t get any better than what you’re going to see on here.

Anyhow, let’s get going with the first installment of our new (and what will soon be the most popular) blog segment: Me? A Model?

The time: October 2010

The place: on the floor

I’m feeling: like the happiest hound on the block. I don’t remember specifics about this occasion (since it was back when I was only 4 months old) but I usually make that face when I’ve done something really great. My guess is that I had just done one of the following:

-eaten some cheese (omg I flippin’ LOVE cheese)

-taken a sock from the laundry and run under the bed with it

-found a roll of toilet paper and shredded as much as I could before dry-mouth got in the way

Well, time to go sneak upstairs and take a nap on Justin’s pillow. Thanks for joining us for this week’s installment of Me? A Model? ! See you next week!

9 thoughts on “Me? A Model? (part 1)

    • Oh hey there Bob! You are just too kind. Between your flattery and the treats that you fed Lily and me, you’ve got a friend for life!

      I can still be pretty wily, that’s for sure, but I try to keep it together for the kids (you know, Justin and Chrissy). I overheard them saying something about how it’s a good thing I’m cute or I’d be out on the street…? Not sure what that means but it sounds fun.

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