Lazy Days & A Cupcake Haze

This past weekend was another long one (in a good way!). Justin and I both had Monday off and we enjoyed a pretty laid back couple of days. Saturday was spent doing boatloads of laundry and generally just trying to keep warm – winter definitely started to kick in around here! B overheard a weather forecast and just about lost it. All he could manage to do is wrap himself up in a blanket and nap the day away; he must have missed a day during “How To Be An Animal 101” because I’m pretty sure that this is his idea of hibernating:


We went to my brother PJ’s house on Saturday night to watch the Patriots play the Broncos; I made some 7-layer Mexican dip (I didn’t have time to take pictures, I’ll be sure to post the recipe next time I make it!) and PJ braved the glacial temperatures to grill up some steaks. It was very reminiscent of summer and a nice reminder that the cold temperatures won’t last forever.

On Sunday Justin and I went out to the Western part of the state to visit with Justin’s dad and his wife. It was nice to be back in Justin’s hometown and to be able to spend time with them! We were treated to a lovely dinner and spent some quality time with their adorable 80-lb lap dog named Maggie. Here’s a shot of Maggie and Brody from this past summer:

They look pretty peaceful, huh? Well don’t be fooled – that picture was taken during the 3-minute span of time when they weren’t biting each other. Poor Maggie didn’t know what hit her; she probably thought she was in for a nice, relaxing weekend down the Cape and then B comes screaming through the house and sweeps her legs out from under her (literally. True story. I don’t even know where he learned that move). She caught on quickly, though, and was holding her own in no time. They bit each other for a couple of days, got that out of their systems and then became fast friends.  B sat this visit out, but we’ll bring him with us next time.

Monday was another lazy one. We did a little food shopping and I prepared the ultimate lazy day meal: crock pot beef stew.

The good: it was easy to make and is a perfect meal for a cold day.

The bad: this batch came out a little bland; I’ll try to figure out what’s missing and give it another go soon.

After a less than stellar showing with the stew, I had to redeem myself a little. What better way to do that than with…

cupcakes! I’m happy to report that this attempt went better than the stew did. These were an anniversary treat for my parents, who were celebrating theirs this weekend (happy anniversary, M&D!). I’ll share this recipe in the next couple of days, so stay tuned! Now, off to see if Justin left any cupcakes for me and B…

4 thoughts on “Lazy Days & A Cupcake Haze

  1. Regarding your stew: I find that coarse Celtic Sea Salt enhances the taste of many a dish. I even cook eggs in a light olive oil with numerous tiny chunks of this salt. http://www.CelticSea or a call to 1-800-867-7258 will get you more info.
    Again, I love doggie pictures! Thanks,
    Bob Slocum

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