Snow day!

Well, not a real snow day, we still had to go to work. But we did get a couple of inches last week! We hadn’t seen any in our neck of the woods since that rogue storm in October and its about time! I know that not everyone would agree with that sentiment; a lot of folks around here would be perfectly happy to go all winter without seeing any snow, but I like a little here and there (of course, I might be whistling a different tune in a couple of months…).

B and I were shocked to spy white as far as the eye could see when we went out for a walk last Friday morning. We decided to spend a little extra time outside to enjoy the snow before a long day of work (for one of us) and sleeping (for the other).

I think B forgot where he was for a second there; he must have though the was still on the beach and could get away with digging holes. Unfortunately there was only a couple of inches of snow before he hit frozen dirt, which was less fun than sand. That’s the only explanation that I can come up with for his sheepish look in that last picture…

How is the weather where you are? Anyone sick of the snow (or sunshine for our friends out West and down South?) yet?

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