A Special Guest

This post is going to be short and sweet (got to get back to watching Adele sweep the Grammy’s!) but we wanted to let you all in on a little secret: we have a special guest staying with us for a couple of days. Drumroll please…

Just kidding, he obviously gets put up in the Hilton when he’s in town. We’ve got an even BETTER guest!


Maggie’s parents are out of town so she’s been hanging out here for a couple of days. She might look a little weary in that picture because she’s been here since Thursday, which means that she and B have been wrestling since Thursday.

Well, I might be exaggerating. They do take the occasional break if there is a treat involved

or to share some toys

or when they call a mutual time-out from wrestling so that they can rest.

(this picture was the prelude to the treat shot, in case you were wondering what they’re both staring at)

I’m not sure either one of them knows why the other is here but they both adjusted pretty quickly. We’re a little nervous to tell them that this arrangement isn’t permanent, I think they’re going to freak out when they have to part ways.

Although B will probably be relieved that he doesn’t have to sleep with one eye open to make sure Maggie doesn’t steal his toys…

so dramatic.

(not really – he woke up when I was trying to take a picture of him. This was him 0.04 seconds earlier:

being a hound is hard work.)

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