Hounds to the Left of Me, More Hounds to the Right

It was a pretty laid-back weekend here. We did a lot of the usual, like laundry and food shopping, and B and Maggie helped me organize some closets that desperately needed organizing. On a side note, did you know that hounds biting each other and crashing into walls is a huge help when it comes to closet organization? No? Huh.

I think we’re really getting the hang of wrangling 2 dogs. We’re pretty good at walking them together and we hardly ever call them by the wrong name (not true). We’ve got feeding time down to a science, too: we put Maggie’s food down, then B’s food, and then they run to each others food bowl and huff it all down before the other one can get there. Luckily they’re eating the exact same amount of the exact same food so it’s not really an issue. They don’t know that, though.

Anyways, here are some weekend highlights:

1. I kicked a bookend that we use as a doorstop (classy) and I thought I broke a bone in my foot. It happened on Thursday night and then all day Friday I was trying to figure out when I should head for the hospital. I figured it would probably be best to wait until I got home so that Justin could take me (we have pretty much perfected the whole hospital trip thing, as you may recall), so I suffered through the day. I was completely ready to head to the ER on Friday night; I don’t even think I took off my coat when I got home. I told Justin what happened, he told me (in a nice way) that I was probably okay and that it was a bruise (if anything) and sure enough, the next day I was fine. One of the good thing about having a spouse in the medical field is that they save you from really embarrassing and unnecessary trips to the ER.

2. This happened:

3. One of us thought that we had the norovirus. Panic ensued. False alarm though, no worries.

4. B and Maggie continued to wrestle.

5. Justin and I ran our furthest distances yet for our lofty goals training.

6. I made some cookies and Justin liked them so much that he ate 8 of them, rapid-fire. I’m not positive, but I think he might regret doing that.

7. Now we’re watching Lost in Translation. We both think we saw it years ago but we don’t really remember what happens, so we’ll just pretend that this is our first time seeing it.

We hope you had a great weekend! Happy Valentines Day!

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