Me? A Model? (part 6)

Hello friends! So nice to see you again.

I feel much better after last week’s catharsis (yeah, I know words like “catharsis”…just because I’m a dog doesn’t mean I don’t read). I’m sorry that I had to get all kinds of serious about my past in that post, but sometimes you just have to get real, you know?

Anyhow, this week’s installment of Me? A Model? is much cheerier. Actually, it’s downright hysterical.

The time: January 2012

The place: a comedy club, by the looks of it

I’m feeling: amused

Holy crap. I don’t know what I’m laughing at in this picture, but just looking at it makes me laugh again. I bet I had just done something hilarious like getting caught sleeping on Justin’s pillow. Chrissy and I think that it’s hysterical when I do that, so my bet is that she found me loungin’ around and after we laughed and laughed we went in to see Justin and tell him about what I had done. He pretends like he’s annoyed but I secretly think that he thinks it’s hysterical too.

I’m going to go do it again and test my theory. See you next week!

8 thoughts on “Me? A Model? (part 6)

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