It’s Monday…We Can All Relate to Bailey

Here’s a little Monday morning pick-me-up; hopefully it will help get you through this silly day. I, for one, plan on having it on repeat all day to keep me going.

This video was brought to our attention by Justin’s mom and we couldn’t be more grateful. It takes a minute to get going, but stick with it. It’s worth it.

One thought on “It’s Monday…We Can All Relate to Bailey

  1. Hi “Aunt Chrissy”,
    I sure miss Brody, but am catching up on my dog naps since that wonderful week with my cousin “Brody”. Thanks for your generous hospitatily in Milton, Chrissy and Justin! All that good food and double walks and constant company! Wow, was I spoiled!
    Back in the ‘happy valley’ in Sunderland, barking at everything that goes by, and walking in the woods with my ‘mom’. (Gotta push her to keep up those woodsy walks!)
    Give cousin Brody a big hug and nip!
    Hope to see that wild guy again sometime soon!
    Oh here comes,’ Arlo’ gotta go!
    Maggie girl!

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