Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Week 2, done and done!

On the schedule: rest
What I did: rest
It was lovely.

On the schedule: 3 mile run
What I did: 3.5 mile run
Today’s run was a little…rough. It was really cold out and I didn’t dress for it at all (I don’t know why though, I was outside during the day and I knew how cold it was) and I just couldn’t seem to get it together. Some days I get into a nice groove and my legs, arms and lungs seem to be on the same page, working together to get things done. Other days there is a complete disconnect between every party of my being and I’m just running like a total loon. This was definitely one of those days. From the minute I stepped out the door until the minute I came screaming back, I kind of felt like I was running like this:

except not as cheerful, and with more arm windmilling. I guess the good thing is that I was running at a pretty good clip, probably my body’s attempt to get the heck inside, so my pace was pretty good. Glass half full!

On the schedule: 4 mile run
What I did: went to dinner with my friends.
It was lovely.

On the schedule: 3 mile run
What I did: 4 mile run
I did my 4 mile run today to make up for yesterday’s slack off. We’ve been having really mild weather around here lately and it was beautiful out today so I was looking forward to going out for a run. Justin and I had plans to go cook out at my parents house so I just ran there after work; it was really, really windy but the run wasn’t bad other than that. It was great not having to run with a jacket and gloves! Don’t worry, I still rocked a pretty sweet reflective vest so all was not lost.

On the schedule: rest
What I did: 4 mile run
I texted Justin from work and asked if he wanted to go for “an easy 3-mile run” with me when I got home and he said that he did. He has been having some issues with his IT band and his knee has been giving him some trouble on runs lately (he actually postponed the GORUCK challenge until November after talking to a doctor) so the plan was to take it easy and see how we both felt. I even left my watch at home because I didn’t want to be focusing on my pace and Justin left his backpack o’ bricks at home so that his knee can recover. As it turns out, he’s much harder to keep up with when he’s not lugging around an extra 50 pounds, so we ended up falling into a much quicker pace than I usually run. It wasn’t very uncomfortable though, which makes me think that I should be trying to increase my pace from now on. Good to know!

Nothing on Saturday, Justin and I were out of town.

On the schedule: 6 mile run
What I did: 7 mile run
I was nervous about this run. I wish I had gone into it with the mindset like last week’s long run but no dice. I had it in my head that I hadn’t run 7 miles since the Falmouth Road Race last August and I psyched myself out. I got through the run and my pace wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t always pretty; I had to stop a few times and I was only focusing on how many more miles I had to go. I also didn’t bring any water with me, which was probably a mistake. So not the best run I’ve ever had (not the worst, either) but I’m proud of the distance…glass half full again! I’m thinking of repeating the 7-mile run next weekend to see if it is the distance that tripped me up or my mindset.

Did everyone remember to spring forward this weekend?? Hooray for more hours of daylight in the afternoon!

5 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training: Week 2

  1. Some really good advice on running…. “push yourself as hard as you can and don’t listen to your body”….or was it “don’t push yourself too hard and don’t listen to your body”…or “listen to your body and push yourself too hard”…or maybe it was “don’t push yourself and who cares what your body says” . It was one of those things. Make sure you do it.

    PS-You guys are wonderful. Thank you Chrissy (and Justin).

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