Move Over, Animal Planet

It is late afternoon when we first lay eyes on the beast.

Something has caught its attention

and as it starts to make its way across the grassy plain

we realize what we are seeing and acknowledge just how lucky we are to encounter this elusive creature.

The beast is extremely rare, thought for some time to be folklore.

It was not until recent years that its existence was confirmed by field researchers

and it was officially given the name

Canis Lupus Rediculiaris

or as it is more commonly referred to,

the Bassador.

It is believed that early ancestors of the Bassador were winged and had the ability to fly – over centuries, the wings migrated to the head and took root as large, wayward ears. Scientists are still working to explain the Bassador’s reluctance to reign in their ridiculous tongues.

Although occasionally wily, the Bassador’s temperament is generally friendly and accepting of humans.

The affection of a Bassador can easily be won

with a bone-shaped treat

and a calm and friendly pat. Let’s see the Bassador in action once more, shall we?

My, what a glorious creature.

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