Weekend Recap

Hello and happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I think Mother Nature was trying to make up for the 14 straight weeks of rain that we have had lately by gifting us with a warm and sunny weekend. Well, a warm and sunny Saturday and Sunday – Friday was another story. It was touch and go all day and then around 5 (you know, right when everyone is starting their commute home), there were crazy flash storms with thunder, lightening, wind and rain.

My place of work is situated in a bit of a wind tunnel, surrounded by tall buildings, so it gets SUPER windy – windy enough that umbrellas are rendered useless and you have to work to keep the flip-flops on your feet while you’re walking. And skirts or dresses? Forget about it. But for whatever reason, I think it’s hilarious to try to walk around when it’s that windy. Everyone just looks so ridiculous and I always start laughing as soon as I step outside in that kind of weather. I’m usually by myself so I obviously look like a total loon, hair blowing all over the place, trying to keep my shoes on and laughing hysterically. The thunder and lightening set me straight pretty quickly this time though so I just ran wildly to my car, a la Helen Hunt in Twister.

Once MN got that out of her system, the weather was beautiful and we made the most of it by spending as much time as possible outside. There was a parade nearby on Saturday afternoon honoring the town’s 350th birthday (she looks great for her age); Justin didn’t have much interest in watching the parade so he and my brother PJ went and hit the open seas on PJ’s boat. I went to the parade with my parents and we met up with my friend Laurel and her mom (I didn’t have a camera so all of these pictures are courtesy of Laurel).

The parade was great – highlights included Clydesdale horses, bagpipers and Shriners riding tiny big rigs.


Justin and PJ were still on the boat when the parade ended so we went down to meet up with them. We bopped around for a few hours (PJ let me drive, which was fun and terrifying, but mostly fun – plus, I didn’t even hit that many boats) and then we docked and grilled out for dinner (again, pictures courtesy of Laurel).

We were all pretty beat at the end of the day; all-day sun and captaining a vessel on the open seas really takes it out of you.

I really wanted in on this picture.

I felt bad about abandoning Brody on Saturday so I took him to some nearby hiking trails on Sunday so that he could run his little heart out and become one with nature. It was pretty hot so I brought a little dog bowl for B and a big bottle of water for us to share, but then B licked the top of the bottle so we decided that he could just have it. B had a blast tearing through the woods and sniffing everything in sight.

We hiked to a pond and I thought that he might want to go swimming to cool off; he seemed pumped and went over to check it out, weighed his options, and then decided against going for a dip.

I wondered what made him change his mind so I went over to investigate. The verdict:

You can hardly blame him for not wanting to tango with this beast. How horrifying.

We were pretty hot (and one of us was pretty thirsty) so we went and hung out on a dock for awhile to cool down.

B checked out some kayakers
and stared ominously into the woods so much that I wondered what the heck was stalking us.

We hiked around a little more before heading back to the car to go home and tell Justin about our adventures. We made some dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night.

Some of us relaxed more than others.

All in all, it was a great weekend, although I think I could use an extra day to rest. Anyone else?

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