Instagram? That’s So 2011.

Hey folks! Happy Thursday!

I’m sure everyone has been wrought with worry about our absence since the last post; don’t worry, we’re still kickin’.

It had finally stopped raining after what felt like 3 years straight, so last night we had my brother PJ and Justin’s brother Josh and his girlfriend Emily over for a mid-week cookout.

Justin and I were trying to figure out what kind of a menu to have and we decided on the most fun cookout food of all: sliders! Justin found tiny hamburger buns at the supermarket and made a bunch of little patties to grill, and then we got a variety of toppings together for folks to choose from.

My personal favorite was a burger with brie and caramelized onions while Justin was partial to the cheddar and mac and cheese variety. Not on the side, right there on the burger.

I used this recipe for the mac and cheese; it was tasty and way easier than baking the dish like we usually do (when we’re not just making it straight out of the box, that is). Plus, you only end up using one pot, so less dishes to wash!

We also had a salad, but that was mostly for show.

It was a good time and a great way to break up the week. Tonight I’m headed to dinner with some friends (maybe sushi, maybe Italian…delicious either way) which means that Justin and B will probably share a pizza or something ridiculous like that.

In other news, I finally joined the rest of world and downloaded the Instagram app on my phone. For those of you who are behind the times like me, Instagram is a program that allows you to edit your photos and apply different filters to alter the look of the picture. I can see why everyone loves this app!

I took this picture of B this morning and, like most of the pictures that I take of B with my phone, it came out dark and you can hardly even make out his beautiful, soulful eyes:


I applied a filter to the picture in Instagram and voila!


Now you can almost feel his patience wearing thin.

Not a huge change, but it definitely increases the quality and interest of the picture. This doesn’t bode well for B and his dislike for being photographed, that’s for sure.

A few other shots that were edited with Instagram for your viewing pleasure:



I have a feeling that this is going to hurt productivity. And if I wasn’t already the weird girl who tries to show pictures of her dog to strangers on the bus, I sure will be now. Sorry in advance, everybody.

Have a great day!

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