You Don’t Need A Camera When You’re An Artiste

Voting is still underway for the winner of Best Cupcake-Related Golf Pun from yesterday’s post. The current frontrunner comes from none other than my dad, who came up with this super punny entry:

“Very clever Chris. The cupcakes looked great and tasted even better. It makes me want to bogie into the kitchen and eat the last one. Perhaps I’ll have some tee with the cupcake.”

Heyoo! Well done, Dad.

The race for Best Explanation Of The Difference Between “Whomever” And “Whoever” That Doesn’t Make Me Want To Take A Nap Instead Of Learning Award is equally thrilling, although it would be hard to beat this entry from my sister Heather:

“Toby Flenderson is waiting for his $10.”

Although the two frontrunners are members of my immediate family, rest assured that the competition is not rigged. It just so happens that  they are the only ones who commented….well, about the contest, anyway.

The winner of the Unsolicited Comment Award is hands-down my aunt Paula with this number:

“Wait just one minute…you forgot to BLOG about Saturday and the fun you had with your awesome family!!!!!”

You might remember Paula from such sweet comments as:

“I honestly don’t think you are playing with a full deck Chrissy…”
and who could forget
“Loved reading your blog…you are quite witty…where did that come from????”

Warms the heart, huh?

But Paula is right, I haven’t posted about the party that my family and I went to on Saturday. I forgot to bring my camera and I thought that a post without pictures would be a little boring, so I was going to gloss over it. Paula seems to be demanding a recap and something tells me that I won’t hear the end of it if I don’t do it, so here we go!

On Saturday, my parents, my brother, and I went to an engagement party for my cousin and her fiance. It was held down the Cape at my aunt and uncle’s house and although it was a little chilly, it was a great day! We saw a bunch of extended family and it was nice to be able to catch up with everyone. Plus, whenever this crew gets together we end up laughing a ton (usually at each other – good thing we all have thick skin). The food was great too! They had an ice cream buffet for dessert and some toffee cookies that rocked our socks. I think that they might be next on my baking list!

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, I forgot to bring my camera with me, so I have taken some artistic liberties to help paint a picture for you folks and capture the essence of the party:

Here we are busting a move

and enjoying some beverages

and rockin’ out in the bouncy house.

I know, I am really good at art.

It was a fun day, I can’t wait for the wedding next summer!

6 thoughts on “You Don’t Need A Camera When You’re An Artiste

  1. Well I must say that this is your BEST BLOG ever…nothing like seeing your name in print…and the art work was right on….great job Chris!!!!!!

  2. Ho hum -yawn, yawn .can’t you write about something more interesting than Paula? I think this blog may have been your weakest effort, although the artwork was stellar. Nicely done.

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