Oh Sure, Make Yourself Comfortable.

This is a bittersweet post for me.

I like to try to stay positive, so let’s start with the sweet: sometimes when I talk about the ridiculous stunts that Brody pulls, I get the feeling that folks think that I’m exaggerating. Not flat-out lying, but maybe…stretching the truth. Well you guys can all cram it, because I’ve got photographic evidence to support the claims that I made here and here and here.

Now for the bitter: I’ve got a dog who thinks he’s people, and now I’ve got photographic evidence to prove it.

…nah, that’s sweet too. He’s hilarious.

We are in the midst of our first heat wave of the season and temperatures topped out at approximately 173 degrees today. We’re cheap so we installed one air conditioner in our bedroom and the rest of the house is as hot as something can be without catching fire.

Justin and I were sitting downstairs, sweating bullets, and realized that we hadn’t seen Brody in awhile. Thinking that perhaps he had had enough of this blasted weather, packed a bag and headed for Antarctica, we went looking for him.

Are you kidding me with that expression, Brody? What a flippin’ clown.

Not only does Brody want to – no, feel entitled to rest comfortably in the air conditioned room, he also needs no less than 3 pillows to perch atop to ensure optimal comfort.

It’s your world, B. We’re just living in it.

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