Tall Ships and Road Trips

As you probably noticed, the Wily Hound took a brief hiatus to celebrate the 4th of July (no? you didn’t notice? oh, that’s fine too). The past couple of days have been packed with fun and now we’re relaxing and nursing our respective sunburns.

It all started on Wednesday afternoon when my friend Laurel and I went into Boston to see the Tall Ships. There were ships from Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Indonesia (among others) and they were pretty impressive.

They were allowing people on the ships to have a look around, but the lines were very long and it was very hot, so Laurel and I just admired them from the docks whilst enjoying Italian ice. We heard that the Italian ice really enhanced the viewing experience and it surely did. We had a lot of questions about the ships though, so it would have been nice to ask the sailors, but we made up some pretty solid answers that we were pleased with so we decided that those were sufficient.

After we bopped around the docks for awhile we thought that sangria sounded like a pretty good idea so we went to the same rooftop bar that Justin and I had gone to on my birthday. There was a great view of the ships and a nice breeze so we were happy as clams.

I think that Laurel has a picture of the two of us on the roofdeck on her camera, but I’ll spare you guys horror of having to look at it since we had been feeling the effects of the 95-degree heat for a few hours at this point and we probably weren’t looking our cutest.

Sangria and a killer view really lifted our spirits though. So did delicious sushi.

Because nothing says “Happy Birthday, America!” like sushi, right?

After Tall Shipping all afternoon, I bid adieu to Laurel and headed home to meet up with Justin, who had to work that day. We hit the road pretty late and cruised down the Cape to meet up with Justin’s dad and his wife and Justin’s brother Josh and his girlfriend Emily.

We spent the next 2 days going to the beach, grilling, relaxing and creeping on huge houses.

Get a grip, all of you!

Much better.

Grilling up a storm.


Sure, I’ll take that sailboat. How nice of you to offer.

A lobster roll fit for a lady and a gentleman.

Fighting a lobster roll coma.

It was a great few days. We hope that you all had a fun 4th!

2 thoughts on “Tall Ships and Road Trips

  1. Thanks, Chrissy. I loved the photos and the blog.
    I spent the 4th working and worrying about our dog, Heidi’s, urinary tract infections. Not much fun, but the prognosis is favorable.
    I started running again, after a 2 year hiatus for plantar fasciitis. I am using the minimalist footwear which mandates a mid-forefoot strike, as opposed to the old heel-strike. It seems OK. One month and no recurrent heel pain.
    I am only 9 seconds shy of the world record in the 100 yard dash! I did it in 18 seconds! Wow! How great is that!! I ran so fast that my glasses bobbled off!
    A recent mile in the new shoes set me back a bit: no running for several days as I recover. My time for the mile is a closely guarded secret.
    When are those Summer Olympics? I am waiting by the phone in case they need a replacement runner.

    Keep going,


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