A Small Announcement

We’ve got some (potential) big news here at The Wily Hound. I am currently trying to switch the blog over from justinandchrissy.wordpress.com to thewilyhound.com but given my tech-savvy past, I’m not 100% confident that it will be successful, and if it is successful, that I will have done it correctly.

I’m not sure why I’m trying to do this while Justin isn’t around, since he knows 1,000 times more about this stuff than I do, but it is what it is. I doubt I’m the only one who gets something in her head and can’t possibly wait another minute before she dives right in and tries to figure it out herself, even if it means failing miserably…right? Like when I decided that I definitely needed to immediately move a mattress from my parent’s house to the 2nd floor of our apartment and almost gave myself 7 hernias in the process? This will probably be the technological equivalent to 7 hernias.

Anyhow, if you try to come back to the normal website at some point in the future and it’s gone or it looks like I haven’t posted anything in awhile, try thewilyhound.com. Hopefully I’ll be back with an update soon.

Or I’ll just scrap the project and pretend like it never happened and if you bring it up I’ll deny the existence of this post.

It could really go either way.

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