I Would Like To Thank The Academy…

A big ol’ thank you to Emily at The Sugarlump (http://thesugarlump.com/) for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger award! It comes as a shock when I hear about anyone other than my parents stopping by THW so I am flattered by your nomination.

Upon receipt of the award, nominees are encouraged to share 7 facts about themselves and nominate other bloggers whom (who? still working on that) they feel deserve a shout-out. So here we go!

7 facts:
1. I have a sixth sense when it comes to finding spiders. If there is a spider creepin’ around a room, I will find it immediately and I will not rest until it has been escorted out by a friend, family member or Brody.
2. I had a pacifier until I was 4 and I had the teeth to prove it.
3. I once had a hampster named Hamlet.
4. One of my favorite things to do is laugh until I almost barf. Consquently, I have carefully chosen my friends and family based on how funny they are.
5. I can fall asleep almost immediately when riding in a car, and I often do. Luckily I save it for when I’m a passenger.  
6. I’m really good at tetherball.
7. I drove a minivan in high school. It was sky blue and it was glorious.

And now for some blogs whose photos, recipes, funny stories or just stories in general inspire me:


Thank you again!

8 thoughts on “I Would Like To Thank The Academy…

  1. I thought it was B’s segment that had been nominated – you might want to post his 7 facts just in case there was a misunderstanding. (Congrats!)

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