Positively Monday

Oh Monday.

I wish you hadn’t come around so soon.

But you’re here and no matter how weary we are, we have to buck up and face the week.

I thought that since Mondays aren’t always the most chipper day of the week (well, for me at least), I would start off on a positive foot with a rousing round of…

Stuff We’re Digging

Red Sox games

Friday evening was spent at Fenway Park at the Red Sox game. I met my friend Laurel and a few other peeps in Boston for dinner and a few drinks before the game and then Justin met us in there after work.

The Sox lost in extra innings but we had a blast cheering them on. I hadn’t been to a game in awhile and it was a good reminder of how fun they are! Even when Justin managed to spill beer on my face. I’m still not sure how that one went down.

And plus, the beer to the face meant a nice, albeit short, break from the blazing heat. It was really, really hot out that night. When we were eating dinner before the game, Laurel and I were talking about how we couldn’t remember what it felt like to be cold; we estimated that we had been sweating for years. Someone please remind me of this post in February when we’re up to our noses in snow and I’m whining about how cold it is.

2. The Dark Knight Rises

Justin and I went to see the new Batman movie on Saturday and we both really liked it. I didn’t see the last one so I was nervous that I would be lost, but you can definitely see this movie and keep up without having seen the last one. It was a little dark and there were a few parts during which I spent some time staring at the ceiling instead of at the screen, but overall it was really good. Bane is very effective villain and Christian Bale does an awesome job as Batman, down to the low Batman voice that could have easily crossed to the comical side. Bane was a little hard to understand at times, but you can hardly hold that against him, what with the face contraption and all. I was skeptical about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman but I think she nailed it. All in all, a movie worth seeing!

Our crops

That’s right, our bounty is still kickin’. We’re going to have to open up a farmers’ market and sell these bad boys come harvest season because they are plentiful.

Kiddin’ me?


Morning workouts

Okay, so this isn’t something that I am currently digging, it’s more like something that I hope to start digging soon. I actually anticipate really not digging waking up early to go for runs, but something has to change because I went for a run today and almost had to call it quits and lie on the side of the road in the shade until Justin or Brody came to find me.

Not ideal running weather.

So hopefully “morning workouts” will be something that I can honestly add to the list in the coming weeks.


Except more sweating.

Berry season!

I left Trader Joe’s with 4 pounds of berries on Sunday. It was very nearly 9 pounds of berries but I came to my senses and put the 5 pounds of cherries back. I love eating blueberries on top of cereal or with yogurt so I couldn’t pass up the 2 pounds for $4.99 deal. Plus, I had visions of berry crisp dancing through my head, so whipping up a batch of that was on the agenda for Sunday afternoon.

It came out pretty good, so I’ll share that recipe tomorrow. Justin just called from the kitchen that he was going to eat the rest of it so I think it’s safe to say that he approves. As an aside, that kid can put back food like no one I’ve met. It isn’t even completely cooled yet.

The fact that Justin and Brody didn’t team up and kick me out of the house after I decided to bake on a day that was so hot that we couldn’t even open the shades.

Yup, a balmy 87.5 degrees in the kitchen at 7pm. You’re welcome, Justin and Brody.

These kickass dog treats from Trader Joe’s

Brody wanted me to add this one. He got some new treats today and he flippin’ loves ’em.

Threats Brody? Really?
Have a great Monday!

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