Farmers Market, Instagram Style

There is a farmers market that sets up shop in a square near my place of work a few times a week and it’s just great. They have a huge selection and though it is a little expensive, the quality is really good and it’s a wonderful opportunity to support local farms and small businesses.

I wandered over there during lunch a couple of days ago and creeped around the different stands for a while. The products range from the standard fruits and vegetables to flowers, baked goods, jarred jams and honey and prepared sandwiches and salads. Oh, and more baked goods. There were towers of cookies that were the size of dinner plates. I surprised myself by cruising on by, but it was mostly because one of them probably wouldn’t fit it my purse.

Dinner plates, people.

There is something about farmers markets that makes me happy. Probably because, as fellow farmer, I can relate to them on a level that most people don’t understand (more on that here). Its hard work and I get that.

As an aside, one of the tomatoes on my plant is turning orange. Things are happening, folks.







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