Me? A Model? (Baby Talk Edition)

Hey friends! Welcome to a very special edition of Me? A Model? hosted by yours truly, Brody the hound dog.


Wondering why a dog is hosting a segment on a blog? March on over to the Me? A Model? Page for more info.

You’ve all probably heard the news that I’m expecting a new best friend soon. The big story (read more here) hit the airwaves a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been flooded with letters and telegrams asking me all sorts of questions, mostly about how I got to be so handsome, but some asking if I’m excited by the new addition to the family. My answer to that is, “Heck yeah!”

At first, I was skeptical. After all, how was this going to affect me? Would I have to share my new LLBean bed? Would I be getting more treats or – perish the thought – less treats? But then I really mulled it over and came to the conclusion that this is probably the best thing that could happen to me. I’ve been in the market for a younger best friend on whom I can impart my wisdom and with whom I can share my worldly tales and funny jokes. Not to mention my modeling tips, which are endless.

Speaking of modeling, Chrissy and I had a little photoshoot a while back, the fruits of which you saw in our big announcement.

announcement pics 034

I’m going to be honest with you guys, though – I felt a little stifled during the shoot. Chrissy wasn’t really allowing me the opportunity to stretch my creative muscles and really let my talent flow. She was all, “Brody, lie down” and “Brody, please just lie down” and “Brody, please stop being terrible.” I know, right? Total wet blanket. But don’t worry, I was able to give the shoot a little bit of my own flavor. I’ve included a few examples below. It helps to imagine a really cool Austrian photographer giving the instructions.

“Brody, you magnificent beast, let’s go for a stoic look in this one.”

announcement pics 027

“Wunderbar! Now pensive…”

announcement pics 032

“Gorgeous! Give me playful!”


“Oh, how delightful! How about bored? You’re above it all!”


“I’m convinced! Now for dramatic…give me dramatic!”


“More! More dramatic!”


“Perfect! We’ve got it. It’s a wrap!”

One thought on “Me? A Model? (Baby Talk Edition)

  1. I can’t wait for the follow up photo shoot which includes your new BFF! I am expecting to see “terrified” and “appalled” thrown into the mix!

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