Me? A Model? (part 25)

Long lost friends! It’s so good to see you!

Welcome to this week’s (month’s? season’s?) edition of Me? A Model? hosted by yours truly, Brody the hound!

brody-001Wondering what on earth is going on right now? Mosey on over to the Me? A Model? page for more information.

I know, I know – it’s been a while. Don’t hold it against me, okay? Let’s just put this behind us and move right along to the action!


The time: The crack of dawn
The place: My comfy bed
I’m feeling: Tired. Irritable. Toothy.

It’s getting all sorts of honest up in here this week, folks.

Now we all know that I’m handsome. Some would say painfully so – looking at my glorious mug is like looking into the sun. It’s exquisite, but don’t stare for too long or else your retinas will explode from the beauty.

Brody - Winter 2012 - 66

I mean, come on.

But in keeping with this week’s theme of honesty, I’m about to drop a truth bomb – I’m not a morning person.

Yes, you heard right. I don’t always bounce out of bed, bright-eyed and busy-tailed, ready for the day ahead. Sometimes I need to just take some time to mentally and physically prepare myself for my hectic schedule, and sometimes that means staying in my bed for a few extra minutes to compose myself.

And sometimes my “friends” take advantage of that much-needed down time to take unflattering pictures that, if I’m still being honest, I think will eventually be sold to the tabloids.

Alas, it is the life of the physically gifted.

Since we’re friends, and since I think that you guys seeing pictures of me looking less than Greek god-like might make you feel better about yourselves, here they are:




That last shot is less than dignified, I know. It really makes me wonder who my real friends are.

I don’t want to leave you with that last picture, so here’s a much more typical shot of me for you to cling to until we meet again:

Brody - Winter 2012 - 2744

Aah, much better.

2 thoughts on “Me? A Model? (part 25)

  1. Snorts – work that camera Brody. I admit I’m only a morning person because of my pot belly wanting food. After that though, it’s back for a power nap. It’s hard maintaining our good looks, isn’t it? XOXO – Bacon

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