Organized (?) Chaos


Hello and happy Wednesday!

I hope you’ll excuse our absense over the past couple of weeks. Things continue to be pretty busy around these parts; between work, doctor’s appointments, Brody’s thriving social life, and everything house-related, there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for fun stuff like baking and blogging. 

I think that the last time we spoke about housestuffs, Justin and I had made an offer on a house and were waiting on an inspection. Well, the inspection happened a few weeks ago and I’m happy to report that it went way better than the last one that we had. We went through all of the fun mortgage stuff and now we’re scheduled to close next week.

We’re pumped about it, but the process has gone so smoothly so far that we’re just waiting with bated breath for something huge to happen to throw a wrench in the whole operation – we’re thinking maybe a sinkhole under the house. We’re just staying cautiously optomistic until we have the keys in our paws and we’re hanging out in a still-standing structure.

In the meantime, we’ve been trying to chip away at packing to make next week as easy as possible. This isn’t our first rodeo as far as moving goes, and we’ve kind of established a system over the years. Justin really, really dislikes packing and unpacking but doesn’t mind the actual moving portion of the event. I don’t mind packing but I am less effective when it comes to lifting a couch (especially now that I’m 7 months along), so I usually focus on the packing and Justin does most of the lifting, and then I jump in and unpack. We’ve got some family who have generously volunteered to help with the move, so I’m looking forward to dragging an adirondack chair to the front yard of the new place and and basking in the sun while I kick my feet up and sip lemonade.

Oh wait, that’s Brody that I’m thinking of. I’ll be emptying boxes until the cows come home.


Tough life

That being said, our current place has sort of had an “organized chaos” theme going on lately, heavy on the “chaos.”

boxes2 boxes3 boxes4

We plan to kick it into high gear in the upcoming week and hopefully we’ll be ready to rock come moving day.

If anyone out there has any tried-and-trued moving tips, we’re all ears!


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