Me? A Model? (neuf)

Hello again! It’s been awhile, so nice to see you again.

Today on Me? A Model? I thought that I would grace you with some of my tips on staying in tip-top shape. It just so happens that Chrissy caught me doing one of my workouts a while back and snapped this Fitness Magazine-worthy shot:

The time: January 2012

The place: the gym (aka the living room since those clowns at Gold’s won’t let hounds sign up. Whatever, their loss.)

I’m feeling: buff

I found this weight next to the couch and decided to grab it and do some reps. It was pretty heavy (8lbs) but it’s nothing a guy as strong as me can’t handle. Heavy weights, low reps, am I right??

Anyways, this is just one of the many ways in which I stay in shape. Here are a few other methods that have worked really well for me so far:

  • Stair Workout: I run up and down the stairs at least 107 times per day. We didn’t have stairs at our last place and they aren’t even close to losing their novelty yet. The trick is to just tip forward and start windmilling your legs – don’t actually make contact with each step, just go for it and let gravity do its job. That really stretches your legs out, and then when you get to the bottom, turn right around and tear back up. Try to skip some steps and skid out from time to time, it’s like a pushup every time you have to recover. If you make so much noise that the neighbors can hear you tumble gracefully down the stairs, you know it’s working.
  • Next up is Figure 8’s. Start in one room, preferably seated calmly so that no one sees it coming, and then bolt off of your seat and run full-tilt into the room across the hall, up and onto the couch, back into the original room, up and onto the chair, back across the hall, up and onto the couch, back into the original room…you get the picture. Keep in mind that if you have hardwood floors, it’s going to be tough to get a good grip. Don’t get discouraged! Your legs are going to be moving so fast that you are essentially running in place for awhile until you get a grip, and that’s pretty much like a treadmill. Really stellar cardio.
  • Last (but certainly not least) is my personal favorite: The Laundry Heist. Wait until someone is folding the laundry and then sneak up and grab something (bonus points if it is something from the bottom of the pile) and then get the hell out of Dodge. Seriously, run like your tail is on fire because whoever just spent half an hour folding that laundry is going to be on you like white on rice. Head for the nearest bed and army crawl underneath and then when they try to grab for you, look terrified and shimmy backwards until you’re juuuust out of arm’s reach. It’s really a full-body workout. I’ll be honest, though, this one isn’t always a crowd-pleaser, but whatever gets results, right?

Check out that form!

Yeah, I jumped up onto the couch with the weight in my mouth. No biggie, it’s just something I do sometimes.

I hope this helps! You’re welcome!

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