Feelin’ Lucky

Welp, it looks like all of my pessimism from Saturday was for nothing because the Wily Hound is up and running! I was definitely nervous going into the process because I’ve heard that it can be a pain in the rear but I lucked out and it really wasn’t too bad. Now instead of typing in Justinandchrissy.wordpress.com (which was kind of a mouthful), you can just go to TheWilyHound.com. Easy as that! And plus, Brody was hollerin’ about how he was being left out of the banner so I used the site update as an opportunity to switch up the look of TWH as well.

To try to make up for Saturday’s pessimism, I thought I would use an optimistic approach to recap the weekend. The following is a list of additional reasons why I am one lucky duck:

  • Justin and I watched my brother PJ’s dog Riley for part of the weekend and I am lucky because while Brody and Riley wrestled some of the time Riley was here, they didn’t wrestle the whole time Riley was here.

Don’t get me wrong, they still wrestled

but it wasn’t constant. So I’ll take it!

  • I felt pretty lucky at the supermarket on Saturday when I saw that the blueberries were on sale because they are a favorite of Justin’s and mine. Then I felt even luckier when I opened the trunk to get the groceries out and the blueberries fell out of the bag and landed on the street and the container opened on contact but only most of the blueberries escaped and went straight into the gutter, not all of them. Huzzah!

  • My friend Laurel and I felt pretty lucky on Sunday when we went to the driving range and managed to make contact with the ball on most of our swings! We also felt pretty lucky that the driving range wasn’t very crowded.
  • I feel pretty darn lucky that I have a friend who has a pool at her house. I sound like a broken record talking about the heat on here, but it has been flippin’ HOT around these parts lately. After Laurel and I crushed the driving range we decided that a swim sounded like a good way to cool off so we headed over to her mom’s house and sat in the pool for awhile until the temperature dipped below 100 degrees.
  • I’m pretty lucky that I didn’t end up crushed beneath an air conditioner after I decided to try to drag one down from the attic and install it into our living room window myself Sunday afternoon. I think that I had hit my tipping point with the heat and I suddenly needed an air conditioner in the living room more than I needed my health, apparently. I mentioned the other day that sometimes I am overcome with the though of a task and it needs to get done immediately even though I should probably hold off and wait for someone to come home and help me, and this was just another prime example. It doesn’t help that I’ve been successful in these ventures because it just gives me confidence in my strength that I probably shouldn’t have. But either way, my limbs are still intact and now we’ve got an AC in the living room. Check and check!
  • I’m lucky that Justin didn’t send me straight to the loony bin when he got home from work Sunday night and found me baking in a boiling hot kitchen. It doesn’t make a lick of sense but I really wanted to make some blueberry banana bread (maybe I didn’t want the surviving blueberries to feel that their hard work avoiding the gutter was in vain) so…

…I did! It tastes pretty good but I think I’ll mess around with the recipe a little bit before I share it on here.

And lastly…

  • I feel lucky that I didn’t have to pack Brody in ice to get him through this heat.

Lately he spends his time following us around from room to room and then dropping to the floor dramatically in a clear attempt to share his feelings about the rise in temperature. Hopefully the addition of the air conditioner in the living room will quell his theatrics. We all know what kind of lifestyle he likes to live in the heat, as he so sweetly demonstrated here.

So there is my optimistic weekend recap. Feel free to share any optimistic (or not so optimistic) recaps of your own!

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