Me? A Model? (Holiday Edition)

Hi friends! I hope you had a great ho-ho-holiday season!

See what I did there? Holy crap, am I ever clever.

Welcome to a very special holiday edition of Me? A Model? with your host, BMoney!


Confused? See where it all started here and here. Cliffs Notes version: I’m super photogenic and it’s only fair that I share my gift with others. Now let’s do it to it!


The time: December 23rd

The place: Justin’s pillow

I’m feeling: Suave. And like I might get in trouble soon.

In honor of the merriest time of the year, I thought I would share this dapper shot of yours truly, relaxing after a long day of prepping for the big day. And yes, I am sporting my finest Christmas attire. I know what you’re thinking: “Brody, you look so fresh, so relaxed, so elegant!” And while all of that is clearly true, don’t let my laid-back, easy-going good looks fool you. Though I look as fresh as a daisy, I’m actually pretty wiped out in this picture.

Some people think it’s a lot of work to go shopping for gifts, cook, bake, decorate, send out Christmas cards, and wrap presents, but did you ever stop to think about how the season is affecting me? No, you didn’t. Well it’s a lot of work on my end, too. Do you think it’s easy running behind the Christmas tree 3,429 times a day? It’s a tight squeeze back there and sure, I’m svelte, but still – it’s tough on the quads to have to squat down low enough to fit under the lowest branches but not so low that you lose the speed you acquired whilst screaming around the corner into the living room.

And how about the wrapping paper? It’s not like we’re dealing with paper towels here. It takes a lot of jaw strength and stamina to decimate a roll of quality wrapping paper in the 4 seconds that it takes Chrissy to grab another roll of tape from the kitchen.

So sure, I can still rock it in front of the camera when the need arises, but don’t think that the holidays don’t take their toll on me too. And Justin, when you find me relaxing on your pillow after a hard day, join Chrissy in raucous laughter instead of suggesting that I “check myself before I wreck myself.”

Come on now, let’s be civil. It’s Christmas, after all.


2 thoughts on “Me? A Model? (Holiday Edition)

  1. Hi Brody,

    You are quite the dude! I appreciate your hard work over the holidays! I know that it is not easy, but it is rewarding, don’t you agree?


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