I’ve been a little bit MIA recently, but I swear that I have good reasons:

1. The last time we turned the oven on, the kitchen heated up to a balmy 91 degrees. I mean, it was a nice break from the 93 degree sweatlodge that our area had become, but still not quite where we like to keep the house. What I’m getting at is that it’s been far, far too hot to bake anything, which is why I haven’t shared any recipes in what feels like years.

2. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been house hunting, which is a total roller coaster of emotions that has been taking up a fair amount of our time.

Allow me to expand on that 2nd item. The last time we spoke about house hunting, Justin and I had loved and lost a house and swore to never love a house again. Luckily we were just being dramatic because another one caught our eye and we were waiting on the inspection. Unfortunately, the inspection didn’t go great and we decided to walk away.

There were a few more ups and downs when we found another beautiful house and tried to set up a showing, only to find out that an offer had been made and accepted on the house’s very first day on the market.

As an aside, is anyone else out there house hunting? If so, have you noticed that it’s a complete madhouse? Open houses are packed and people are making above-asking-price offers the day a house comes on the market. Talk about stressful.

Anyways, we kept stalking the real estate listings and scoped out a bunch of houses and we found another one that we think might be the best yet. Our offer was accepted and we’ve got an inspection scheduled for Friday, so fingers crossed that this one goes a little bitter than the last.

Other than house hunting and braving the heat (currently on day 5 of a heat wave), we’ve been spending some time on my brother PJ’s boat, relaxing, and eating soft serve ice cream. Brody has been keeping up his steady schedule of dramatically collapsing onto the floor over and over again and occasionally taking the ice cubes that we give him and pretending to eat them but then secretly hiding them in the living room.


He’s really more of a winter hound.

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