Me? A Model? (#18)


If I had cheeks that weren’t covered in fur, they would be red.

It’s been 2 full months since the last edition of Me? A Model? and for that I am eternally sorry. It’s unfair of me to leave you guys hanging when I know full well how much you depend on being able to gaze upon my glorious mug. Please accept my apologies.

Now that we’ve got that awkward business out of the way, welcome to this week quarter’s edition of Me? A Model? hosted by me, Brody!

Confused? See where it all started here and here. Cliffs Notes version: I’m super photogenic and it’s only fair that I share my gift with others. Let’s get going!

The time: just the other day
The place: the kitchen
I’m feeling: unimpressed

You might not know this about me, but I’ve got a really sophisticated palate. I enjoy a vast array of different foods, from cantaloupe to swordfish to raspberry sorbet. That being said, even though I love the fancy stuff, I will eat pretty much anything that you put in front of me. Well, with the exception of celery. Because celery is dumb.

But just because I will happily eat chewed gum off of the street while Chrissy ‘s back is turned doesn’t mean that you can offer me flipping broccoli when I know for a FACT that you are also preparing meatballs. There’s a reason that I’ve been underfoot for the past 45 minutes, and that reason is the spheres of meat that you’ve got simmering on the stove top, not this…green tree-looking…is this even food?!

In all honesty, I’m offended that you would even offer it to me. I’m offended that you haven’t started making it rain meatballs all over this kitchen.

I mean, I’ll eat it, but I’m not happy about it.

Okay, I’m a little happy about it.

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